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At the beginning of March, the Ravens had not begun talks with quarterback Lamar Jackson on a potential contract extension for the young QB.

That has apparently changed in the last several weeks.

During his pre-draft press conference on Monday, Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta said he and Jackson have stated talking about a new deal.

“That’s ongoing. That’s definitely a fluid thing. Lamar and I have had a discussion about that,” DeCosta said. “I think it’s important to us and it’s important to him. I think Lamar is obviously a very patient guy. He wants to be the best he can be. He wants this team to be the best it can be and he wants to win very badly. So we’re aligned that way. I’m confident that we’ll continue to discuss this and I think at some point, hopefully we’ll have some good news for everybody.”

Jackson has never had an agent, so DeCosta would be discussing the player’s new deal directly with him. The quarterback is due to make $1.77 million in 2021. Though it hasn’t happened yet, the Ravens will presumably pick up his 2022 fifth-year option — unless he signs a new deal before the deadline.

Because Jackson was a Pro Bowler in his first three seasons, his fifth-year-option salary will be the quarterback transition tender in 2022. That came into effect with the new CBA enacted last year.

While there’s likely plenty to hammer out between the Ravens and Jackson for a new deal, there’s also good reason to believe Jackson won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.