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Microsoft has announced that its cloud gaming platform is coming to Windows 10 PC and iOS devices with a limited beta for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. The Xbox Cloud Gaming is already available as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Android devices. All Xbox users that are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be selected for the limited beta, which goes live today. However, not all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get access to the beta – select members will be invited to test the service through web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari. The test will take place on a new website –

In the Xbox Cloud Gaming limited beta run, over 100 games will be available for the selected users to try out, with over 50 titles supporting touch controls – allowing them to play the games on their smartphones. It is not known as to how many invites are being sent out, but if a user is not selected immediately, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber are advised to wait until they are notified by Microsoft. According to a report in TechRadar, leaked footage has shown examples of what the Xbox Cloud Gaming will look like on PC.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently being expanded, with 16 backward compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox games recently being added to the service, including games like Gears of War 3 and Viva Pinata. Microsoft is also reported to be testing 1080p streams for Xbox Cloud Gaming. The company recently acquired Bethesda studio, which means that future titles from Bethesda Softworks and Xbox Game Studios will launch for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

While Microsoft is expanding its Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, Google recently shuttered its first party studios, limiting the amount of first-party content its cloud gaming platform Stadia will get in the future.