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A tour of articles, podcasts, and other content being produced by draft pundits finds that a lot of people think the Ravens should be looking to upgrade their receiver group in this month’s draft.

Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta has heard those things and he’s heard from fans who wonder why the team’s draft success at other positions hasn’t carried over to the receiver spot, but he took issue with the notion that the cupboard is bare when asked about wideouts at Monday’s press conference.

“We want to have good players at every position,” DeCosta said. “I’m aware that there’s some fan discontent with our wide receivers and our drafting and all that. In general, I look at our record and how we win games and how we played football and I’m proud of the team. . . . We’ve got some really good young receivers. It’s insulting to these guys when they hear we don’t have any receivers. It’s quite insulting. I’m insulted by it too, to be honest. I think we’ve got some guys who want to show everybody what they can do.”

The Ravens have taken six wideouts over the last three drafts and they signed Sammy Watkins as a free agent this offseason, but the depth of this year’s receiver class and the Ravens’ need to do more in the passing game makes it a good bet that there will be more new players to the group.