Half Mag / Half Zine

I love the juxtaposition of dark eyes and pale lips. Classic, rock’n’roll works across ages and skin tones. You just have to adapt it to your comfort zone. A smudgy, dark eye too much? Swap for a low-key winged eye. If you find “nudes” wash you out, inject extra pink or peach – Chanel’s Lipscanner App allows you to try lipsticks virtually so you’ll find something suited to you. That’s the thing with makeup looks; it’s never really about literal translations; those skinny brows are not for the masses.

  1. Uoma Beauty Coming To America Kajal Eyeliner £16,
  2. Pro Longwear Paintpot in Black Mirror £17.50,
  3. Byredo Tears in Rain Waterproof Mascara £35,
  4. Clé De Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation £110,
  5. Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom Lipstick £33,

I can’t do without… A nourishing cream to protect your precious outer layer
According to all the best dermatologists, the root of many of our skin conditions – irritation breakouts, dryness, excess sebum production, hyperpigmentation – can be found in the condition of your skin barrier. Understanding and taking care of your skin barrier is fundamental to solving your skin issues. The skin barrier is, essentially, your skin’s frontline: the protective shield where an entire ecosystem of microbiomes – aka good bacteria – exists to keep skin healthy and functioning perfectly. Pollution, over-zealous cleansing and the constant use of multiple products with active ingredients are three of its greatest foes. There is now a plethora of brands and products whose sole purpose for existing is to keep your skin barrier in check. Like this wonderful moisturiser from The Nue Co. There are so many brilliant things about it. The patented formulation helps to rebuild the skin’s microbiome. Anti-pollution ingredients protect the skin from environmental aggressors – there’s also niacinamide in the formulas, meaning it addresses dark marks and scarring. The texture, a lovely gel to cream, is light enough to sink into the skin, but weighty enough to lock in moisture. So it does what all decent moisturisers should do – hydrate with aplomb. And the bottles are all refillable. Great for skin, great for the environment. The Nue Co Barrier Culture Moisturizer, £45

On my radar… Treats for hair and skin, and a heavenly scent
Let it shine Hair salons have reopened, but this excellent mask, which moisturises and locks in shine will help keep up the good work at home. Sol Janeiro Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment, £35, space

Gentle giant The words ‘soothing’ and ‘gentle’ are rarely used for foaming cleansers. But this, with shea butter and chamomile extract, is ideal for dry or sensitive skins. Clarins Soothing Gentle Foaming Cleanser, £22,

Hippy chic Patchouli can be polarising. This fragrance brand, however, has a new take. Smoky, earthy and slightly sweet, it’s patchouli like you’ve never smelt it before. Ostens Patchouli Heart No 1, £135,